Atoms for freedom – A letter to Thom Yorke

Dear Mr Yorke,

We write to you from Argentina to invite you to play with us.

We are hundreds of musicians sharing ideas and tracks online in the first co-creative online community of Latin America:

We read your interview in a Mexican newspaper about «Atoms for peace». You talk about «mainstream music» and the coming death of old music industry. We really agree with you.

We are a free, collaborative, open project. We create, we produce, we share and we remix our tracks, experimenting, creating new works alone or with others in the network. We emphasize on the freedom of the author. We started RedPanal in 2008, when we were the first network of our kind, and we are constantly growing thanks to a lot of volunteers: developers, teachers, journalists… and musicians. You will love it!!

Soon we will be rocking again with our site back online. We want you to be part of it with your music and your ideas!!

Yours sincerely,

Matías Lennie Bruno – RedPanal community.

thom yorke remix

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