Ok! With the introduction done, i’ll try to explaine how the structure (the “tree”, we call it) of our site is. This is very difficult for me, because my english could be very tricky.

The structure of a site is the most important thing, and always depends in the usability and interaction we want it for. In other words, which are the things that our page needs to stand out, so the user can know exactly what the webpage is for, and activities that he or she could do in it, etc.
I must say that the design of the webpage is still under construction, so everyday we have modifications. So, the things I write today, we might changes them tomorrow. That’s the danger of writing about movable things 🙂

Is the first place you’ll arrive when you type our domain. In the Home you have the general data of the community. We could also divide it in three parts:
Header: the logo is here, with the register/sign in fields and the general labels of the site. This labels don’t change when you navigate through the webpage, so you have them all the time just at “one click distance”.
Body: It includes a short briefing of what’s the page about, news, recently joined users or uploaded files and contests. Actually, it appears just OI because we have not decided yet the content of this box. I hope that by the weekend it might be complete. We also have two important buttons there, UPLOAD and SEARCH, because those are probably the most important actions to stand out. I hope, if I can explain myself, that at the end of this modest tutorial you could understand why.
Lower Part: I just don’t know how is the name in english of this element of the site. It could be footer, like Floyd joked me about. There some links here that could be useful for users, but doesn’t change the funcionality of the site: About Us, Help, Blog, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

You can see the webpage just as is right now, but I have to warn you that still needs a lot of work. Besides, it’s the spanish version the only one working right now and you’ll have to see it with Internet Explorer. I give you the link, likewise, because maybe you’d like to see how it grows. I hope it’ll be more organized in a few days.


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