Just imagine if your songs could be taken by anyone, anywhere in the whole world, and be enriched with other instruments, scales, rhythms of any region in the globe.

The spirit of Panal is to create a virtual space where musicians could meet each other and share their own stuff. A space where a new kind of music, a new kind of cultural exchange, may exist. A community where a collective kind of composition might be the guideline, using the web like tool for the purpose.
The upload page is the place where you choose which of your own creations you would like to share with other users.
I’ll try to explain how it works. I hope you could help with the terms, because my English –again- could easily makes me stuck in the mud.
You’ll have six differents options for uploading your files. Remember that Panal is meant to be a working tool for the musician, not just a game, although it could be very fun. That’s why this step is so important, and we need to organize it like this.

Tracks: when you record a song, you do it channel per channel, in a multitrack way. One of the good things Panal have, is that the way of sharing your stuff will be exactly as that. This option let you upload a whole line of any instrument, as an independent, single track.

Tracks are not the unique kind of audio file you’d like to upload to Panal. A sample is a kind of file that has just one beat duration. Is just a “sound” (of any instrument) that we may use with a sequencer.

Loops: Loops are finite sequences or sounds that may help us to create our songs if we repeat it and we add some bass or guitar lines.
Panal could be a great samples and loops database, with a library of sounds that could be useful for any kind of Audio job: educational work, soundtracks, publishing.

Other Files: Like we all know, music is not make only with Audio. If you have Tabs, music scores or midi files that you want to share, this is the option you may choose.

Create Project: Panal lets you upload your files in a free way, or like a song, in a multitrack way. When you click “Create Project”, the files you’re uploading will be, all together, in a same folder. This will organize and make much easier the search work for you and the other users.

Publish Song: If we have a Mono or Stereo, mixdown version of any song that we want to show to the world, the “Publish Song” item is what you’re looking for. The Project has a lot of files, even from different users. The Song is a particular summary that one user made of a Project.

Here you have a example of Publish song, Track and Loop:

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I hope that you all understand my explanation of the Upload page. If not, you just have to ask, and I promise to do my best to help you.

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